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34 train stations in BX 

All the benefits of the S trains

There are 34 train stations in Brussels, bet you didn’t know that! And that a quick 15-minute journey takes you from Saint-Job to Luxemburg? Believe it or not, the train is a great way to get around the city! Plus, the suburban network connects you to surrounding cities within 30 km of BX. Here are 5 top reasons to hop on a S train. 

Always within reach 

No need to rush to Central, Noord or Midi station to take the train. The S network serves off-centre train stations to make your life easier. Whether you’re dreaming of a weekend getaway or just wanting to get around Brussels, there’s likely a station closer to home than you think. 

Train leaving station

Incredibly fast 

Get across the city faster than ever with the train. Did you know the Watermaal – Schuman direct journey takes only 9 min. by train, while it takes 17 min. by car (excluding parking and traffic jams)? At peak times, Meiser station handles around 16 trains per hour, while Schuman manages 40! 

Meiser station

Well connected 

Step off the train and straight onto a tram, bus, or metro. Or are you more of a bike or kick scooter person? There’s usually a Villo! station or a self-service option right next door. Ideal for combined travel.

Comfy travels 

Taking the train is like entering a timeless bubble: you’ll always be amazed by the comfort. You barely notice the swaying of the train, the journey is bright, and it’s much quieter than the city. Best of all? You get the chance to read, work, or simply watch the city from a new perspective. 

Train passenger looking through window

Best plan B 

Stuck in traffic on the Ring Road? Works carried out at the Leonard Tunnel? Buses, trams, and metro on strike? The S trains can be an excellent alternative! No need to worry. Just enter your destination in Floya to find the best itinerary and compare the price and travel time with other options. 

What’s more, you can even buy your ticket directly from Floya! A journey between two Brussels stations is only €2.5.