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All your transports in BX in 1 app

Mobility in BX mode

Public Transport
Kick Scooter

Your key to all mobility in Brussels

No more switching apps. You get access to all mobility providers. That means travelling around whenever, wherever, however you want to.

Plan, book, ride & pay
in just 1 app

Going from A to B has never been so easy. Cover every step of your journey, from smooth planning to effortless payments.

A joyful & adventurous
travel experience

Say goodbye to traffic and chaos. Enjoy the best mobility experience, based on your preferences and on real-time information.

How it works


Search routes and get the price for each option.

The trip planner integrates Bolt, De Lijn, Dott, Poppy, SNCB/NMBS, STIB/MIVB, Taxis Verts, TEC and Villo! also as combined options!


Check the availability of the Cambio cars and Villo! bikes, book a taxi and unlock instantly Bolt & Dott scooters and bikes and Poppy cars.

More options to come: Voi will soon be available


Buy your SNCB/NMBS and De Lijn tickets in the app and travel on the STIB/MIVB network with your smartphone or bank card.

Pay directly for your trips with Bolt, Dott, Poppy and Taxis Verts. Now also with Bancontact.

Download the app!
How does it work

A new flow to Brussels

Brussels is changing for the better, and so is your mobility. Fewer individual cars, more air, more space for cycling, walking or living in the city…

Bikes, scooters, car-sharing: more and more mobility service providers are showing up in Brussels to support the transition. And this is a great opportunity to make a difference on your own.

Floya is here to make combining public, private and shared transports the easiest thing and help you go with this new flow.

They like Floya already!
Picture Hugo

Nice A must

Hugo B.

The app you need to have to get around Brussels easily! Floya gives you access to several shared mobility operators with only one account

Picture Pauline

Quick and easy

Pauline Mls

The app is intuitive, making it quick and easy to get around and pay for the various services (bus, kick scooters, bikes, etc.)

Picture P.C.


It’s the first time I’ve used De Lijn in my neighbourhood at 11pm, thanks to Floya, because of the Bourdon works, where the tram is cancelled to Van Haelen.

Picture Katrien

Floya as an ally


Thanks to the Floya app, I have a sense of security. I know which route is best, I know how long it will take.
The information is always up to date. Floya has convinced me to go for public transport. With Floya in my pocket, I am convinced to use public transport.

They are already part of the trip
Because in BX,
you don’t just combine shared cars with the metro-tram-bus:
you also switch from a bike to a train before taking a scooter