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5 tips for a winning combo

Manage your flow in BX mode

Do you usually take a bike or kick scooter to the station or stop when travelling in Brussels? Here are 5 things you should know about managing your flow in BX mode:

  • By train:

Good to know: you can take your bike or scooter with you at any time. This will help you save time when you get off the train.

Folded models even travel for free. Do you have a standard bike? The bike supplement is €4.

Person standing on the platform with a folding bike
  • By bus:

Good to know: only kick scooters and folding bikes are allowed on the buses.

Our tip: the best place to get on board with your two-wheeler is the second door. Then you can avoid all the “sorrys” and head directly to the central space.

Person on a kick scooter next to the bus
  • By tram:

When folded, your bike or scooter is welcome on all trams, at any time of day. Do you have a standard bike? On the low-flow trams, your bike can accompany you on weekends or during off-peak hours. But your non-folding bike is not allowed on the old trams (with steps).

Our tip: position yourself strategically at the stop: bike spaces are located at the second door.

Person on the tram with a folding bike
  • At the metro or tram station:

The trick to not getting stuck at the gates? Go through the gates for strollers: they are wider and you will have more time to pass.

If the gates do not open, press the yellow button next to the validator so that they can be opened remotely for you.

Good to know: there are also covered bike shelters in front of most stations.

Personne walking through the gates for strollers
  • By metro:

Good to know: bike spaces are not in the same place on all trains. It depends on the model:

  • on the brand new metros (below): board in the middle of the train
  • on other metro trains: board at the front or at the back

Again, your folded scooter or bike is allowed at any time of the day. Standard bikes can only accompany you outside of peak hours (i.e. not between 7:00 am and 9:00 am or between 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm on weekdays).

New metro

Prefer to combine your modes of travel without limits or without something to carry? Rent a shared vehicle using Floya and simply park it near the stop or station.