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5 tips for moving safely in BX

It is important to be visible when riding a kick scooter or bike.

Distraction, blind spots and difficult conditions are just some of the many reasons to make sure you’re visible. Especially since you’re only taking up a little bit of space on the road and you’re sharing it with something much bigger than you: Brussels traffic…

Here are 5 tips from Floya:

1. In addition to your helmet, wear fluorescent and reflective (or luminous) clothing or accessories: enough to go from 20 m visibility to 150 m visibility!

2. Whether it’s your own bike or scooter or a shared one, make sure that it is fitted with lights, a bell and reflective devices

On a scooter, you need a white or yellow light on the front, a red light on the back and reflective strips on each side: you can also wear these on your person

Source: FPS Economy

3. Beware of blind spots: you cannot be seen in them, even if you have equipment worthy of the most kitsch Christmas decorations

4. Clearly signal any changes in direction by extending your arm (on a bike) or raising your leg (on a scooter): there are also special indicators

5. Make eye contact with the person behind the wheel before you make your move: this ensures that they have seen you

Eye contact bus-bike
Source: STIB

And because we’re in BX, here are two final useful reminders about the Highway Code:

  • a bus indicating to leave its stop has right of way: stop for a few seconds to let it pull out
  • trams always have priority: let them pass

Don’t have Floya yet? Download the app to experience your mobility in BX mode