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Flying to Brussels?

Get easily to the city centre

Whether you’re arriving at Brussels Airport to explore the heart of Europe or returning from a sunny journey, here’s how to easily get from the airport to Brussels city centre. Wondering how to get around the city? We’ve gathered all the tips and tricks to make your stay a breeze. Get ready to navigate the transport options with ease.

From Brussels Airport (Zaventem)

Taking a flight often means not knowing the exact arrival time. This makes it challenging to plan your trip to the city centre before taking-off.

The solution? Travel stress-free by downloading Floya before your departure. Create your account in advance and buy your tickets directly or rent a shared vehicle when you arrive.

On arrival, all that’s left is to launch your search. Floya offers the best solution, no matter the time. Once you’ve reached the city centre, you’ll have access to almost all the Brussels transport solutions with a single app and account.

By SNCB-NMBS train

Does Floya recommend the train? Leave the airport terminal on the “Public transport” side:

  • Trains to Brussels city centre operate until midnight
  • Standard tickets cost €10.30 and include the airport tax
  • If you’re traveling with a multi-journey ticket, remember to buy your “Brussels Airport Supplement
  • After purchasing your ticket, scan the QR code at the gates to access the platform
Man stepping onto SNCB train with his suitcase

By STIB-MIVB express bus

Heading to the European Quarter? The express bus 12 departs from platform C:

  • Leave the terminal on the “Public transport” side
  • The last bus 12 to the centre leaves at 12.30 am
  • Pay contactless directly in the bus to avoid queues: just tap your smartphone (if the option “Wallet” is enabled) or your contactless bank card on the grey validating machine
  • The fare is €7.00, including the airport tax, and is directly debited from your account
  • Your ticket remains valid if you continue your journey on another STIB-MIVB bus, tram or metro: simply tap your bank card or phone again on the next grey validating machine
Express bus 12

Copyright ©

By regular De Lijn bus

Heading to the east of Brussels? You’ll find De Lijn buses at platforms A and B:

  • The last De Lijn bus to the east of Brussels (Roodebeek) departs around 10.00 pm
  • No airport surcharge applies to this journey (€2.50)
  • If you continue your journey to the centre from Roodebeek, you can take the STIB-MIVB metro (€2.10)
  • Save time by paying contactless directly on the bus and at the metro station: simply tap your phone (via the “Wallet” option) or your contactless bank card on the white terminal in the De Lijn bus and on the grey validating machine at the metro gates
De Lijn buses

©Copyright De Lijn

By Poppy Carsharing

Landing too late for public transport or travelling with family? You can also use a self-service car directly at the airport:

  • Leave the terminal on the parking side: you can find the Poppy shared cars at airport parking P1 (3rd floor)
  • Book your car in the app as soon as you get off the plane
  • The €15 airport surcharge is applied automatically
  • Pay for your ride directly in the Floya app
Person unlocking a Poppy car with Floya

More options

Brussels Airport’s own taxi service is available at the terminal exit: these taxis cannot be booked in the app. A taxi ride to the city centre costs around €50.

Arriving at Brussels South (Charleroi)?

Charleroi Airport is beyond Floya’s coverage area. Visit the airport’s website for information on how to reach Brussels from Charleroi Airport.

Getting around during your stay

Unpacked your bags? Now the fun begins! Make sure to enter your destination in Floya before each journey: you’ll see all the travel options and the fares. Within a few days or hours, you’ll get the hang of moving in BX mode!

On foot

There is so much to see in Brussels, and not just in the city centre! The sun’s out? Put on your walking shoes. Walking is the best way to discover all the hidden gems of BX.

People walking around

By bike or kick scooter

The journey is a bit longer and you want to explore more during the day?

  • Book and pay for your Bolt and Dott shared kick scooter or bike directly in Floya. Various brands are available to make your life easier, with parking zones all over the city.
  • Make sure to download the Villo! app on your phone to access the affordable classic Villo! bikes. Floya will direct you to this app to complete your reservation
Bolt, Dott and Villo kick scooters and bikes

By urban public transport

Do you want a smooth ride or to stay dry? The STIB-MIVB buses, trams, and metros are your go-to options. Travel throughout Brussels for €2.10 per hour: just tap your bank card or smartphone on a grey validating machine. For multiple journeys in one day, you’ll never pay more than €7.50.

Contactless payment on STIB vehicles

By shared car

However, a car can come in handy for nightlife,  bulky shopping, or reaching remote places. Here again, Floya enables you to unlock and pay for a Poppy shared car.

Man putting this suitcase in the trunck of a Poppy car

By train

Planning to see more of the country? Train tickets to other Belgian cities are also available in the app.

If Antwerp, Ghent, or Bruges are on your itinerary, Floya offers bus and tram tickets from De Lijn, the Flemish transport company.

Trains in Belgium

And for the way back?

Heading back to the airport? To get from Brussels city centre to Brussels Airport (Zaventem):

  • Take the STIB-MIVB express bus 12 for only €2.10: no surcharge applies in this direction. Buy your ticket directly on board by tapping your bank card or smartphone on the grey validating machines
  • Take the train, the regular De Lijn buses, and the Poppy shared cars under the same conditions as the outbound journey:
    • The airport fee is automatically applied to train tickets bought in Floya for this journey. If you purchased a multi-journey ticket, you’ll need to add an Airport Supplement in the appThe De Lijn ticket costs €2.50 in the Floya app or on the white terminals inside the bus: no airport fee applies
    • The €15 surcharge is automatically applied to Poppy cars unlocked in the app.
  • Book and pay for a taxi to Brussels Airport directly in Floya: here again, the trip is cheaper than the outbound ride, costing around €35 from the city centre
Taxis Verts in Floya

All good things come to an end… but we hope to see you again in BX very soon!