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Pass The Love #3

BX through the eyes of Silke 

Get around Brussels like a local! In the Pass the Love series, a Brussels resident sets out to explore three hidden gems shared by a fellow local. Today, we’re going on a tour with Silke, student at P.A.R.T.S. She discovered the Tenbosch Park, the Librairie Flagey and the Friterie de la Barrière: Chloé‘s 3 tips.  

Who is Silke? 

Silke is a contemporary dance student at P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) in Forest/Vorst. But beyond her dance moves, Silke also shines as a talented singer-songwriter. Curious about her music? Dive into her world on YouTube and Spotify! 

Silke in the Tenbosch Park
  1. Tenbosch Park 

“I didn’t know this park before and I find it quite different from the other parks in Brussels. It has a unique location, hidden away from the city’s hustle, making it both beautiful and serene. The perfect spot for a romantic walk or a sunny picnic!” 

Silke looks up her route with the kick scooter in Floya

To get to the next spot, Silke rents a kick scooter in the Floya app and heads to place Flagey/Flageyplein. 

Silke in the bookshop
  1. Librairie Flagey 

“This is the place to be for comics and manga fans. Although I’m more into art books and artist biographies, I had so much fun browsing around. Everything in the shop is interesting and colourful! And between the large stalls and the manga posters, you’re sure to have a good time.” 

“The area is bustling with activity at weekends, especially as there’s a market right outside. There’s a welcoming atmosphere in the shop, with a friendly staff and customers of all ages. It’s truly a place that sparks inspiration!” 

Silke's route with the tram

Silke then catches tram 81 to get to her next stop of the day, located right next to the Barrière de Saint-Gilles/Bareel van Sint-Gillis. 

Silke eating chips from Friterie de la Barrière
  1. Chip shop “Friterie de la Barrière” 

“The first thing that caught my eye was its unique location right by the roadside – perfect for a quick bite on the go! The front, plastered with stickers, might be unconventional but it sure grabs your attention.” 

“I had to try the chips, of course! My verdict? They’re pretty good. However, I must admit my heart belongs to those from Tabora chip shop, located near Bourse/Beurs.” 

The tips of Silke 

Silke shares three spots she loves that Sébastien will explore in an upcoming article: the flea market on the place du Jeu de Balle/Vossenplein, Studio CityGate and the Duden Park. 

Her mobility habits 

  1. By tram: “It’s my go-to ride. Plus, the STIB-MIVB season ticket costs next to nothing for students. So, I make the most of it!” 
  1. By kick scooter: “When I’m running behind, hopping on a scooter gets me there the fastest.” 
  1. By bike: “I’ve got my own bike, but I prefer to ride it only when I know there’s a safe spot to park.” 
Silke with the kick scooter

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