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Pass the Love: explore Brussels with Floya

BX through the eyes of Margaux

Get around BX like a local! In the “Pass the Love” article series, a Brussels resident sets out to explore three hidden gems shared by a fellow local. Today, Margaux, a born and bred resident of Brussels, discovers places recommended by Fouad, who lived in Brussels for 37 years before moving to Flanders. Her journey leads her to the Mont des Arts/Kunstberg, the enchanting tea shop La Septième Tasse, and the architectural jewel, the Abbaye de la Cambre/Terkamerenabdij. Three beautiful spots which were not so unknown to Margaux

Who is Margaux?

Margaux is a freelance translator. She was born and raised in Evere and has been living in the city centre for 15 years, like many of her friends. Today, she lives there with her partner. “Living in the city centre is very convenient for me, we’ve got everything nearby. But I also love wandering around other neighbourhoods!”

Margaux walks her way to Mont des Arts
  1. The Mont des Arts/Kunstberg

“A timeless classic! What struck me today was the blatant contrast between the summer and winter vibes in this place. During the summer, the Mont des Arts/Kunstberg garden is known for its hustle and bustle. You can wander about or take a sunny break in the lawn chairs… During the winter, it’s much quieter. The atmosphere is also very different whether you go on weekdays or on weekends. During the weekends, you’ll see a lot of tourists and walkers, while weekdays host school groups…”

“For me, the Mont des Arts/Kunstberg is a must-see gathering place and a bridge between the city centre and the uptown. I often pass through there, yet sometimes I still make beautiful discoveries like a piece of street art. But for those who live in the suburbs, coming here is downright a tourist excursion!”

Tram route in the Floya app

From place Royale/Koningsplein, Margaux hops on tram 93 to the stop Bailli/Baljuw to get to her next spot.

In the tea shop
  1. La Septième Tasse

“Of course, the shop La Septième Tasse was already on my radar! This shop is heaven for tea lovers. I love the atmosphere here: the peacock blue shop window, the warm, all-wood interior. Behind the counter, shelves boast impressive, oversized tea pots. Around Christmas, the place becomes very lively.”

“If you don’t know what to buy, you can simply tell the staff your tea preferences and they will be happy to help you. My favourite?  The Piège à Filles! Although today I treated myself to Péché Nippon, a popcorn flavoured tea, and to the floral-fruity blend of Magie Blanche. I’m so curious!”

Bike route from La Septième Tasse to Abbaye de la Cambre

Still on tram line 93, two stops further is the stop Abbaye/Abdij, right by the Abbaye de la Cambre/Terkamerenabdij. Alternatively, grab a shared bike, available via Floya.

Margaux takes a walk in the abbey garden
  1. Abbaye de la Cambre/Terkamerenabdij

“I’m well-acquainted with this place too.  As a child, I used to come here all the time with my scout group.
During my student years, I lived a bit further in a student room, in the Cimetière d’Ixelles/Begraafplaats van Elsene neighbourhood. So, I used to spend some time studying here during the summer. I liked to sit on the benches by the fish pond, or simply on the lawn. I also cherish a fantastic memory of a family party there for my nephew’s birthday: we organised a big picnic, the children were running and playing everywhere…”

“The Abbaye de la Cambre/Terkamerenabdij is full of hidden little spots. This place is so unique that it’s really easy to forget you’re in the city centre. The hustle and bustle feels so far away.”

The tips of Margaux

Margaux shares three spots she loves that Chloé will explore in an upcoming article: the literary café Millefeuille, Cinematek, and the bookshop Tropismes.

Her mobility habits

  1. By public transport: “I have a STIB-MIVB season ticket, so taking a bus, tram or metro is a no-brainer” 
  2. By bike: “I love cycling, but I don’t often take out my bike during winter.  It’s great knowing you can unlock a shared bike with Floya when you’re on the go.”
  3. On foot: “It’s my go-to option for short journeys.” 
Margaux unlocks a Dott bike with Floya

With Floya, the new STIB-MIVB all-in-one mobility app, planning, booking and paying for different modes of transport in Brussels has never been easier. Read more about it here.