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Personne à trottinette à côté d'un bus
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Strike day? Let Floya guide you

All the tips you need to navigate through the picket lines

Has a national strike been announced or is public transport taking union action in Brussels? Don’t worry, Floya is here to guide you. Whether it’s to arrange an alternative to your usual mode of transport or to avoid an unexpected disruption, your favourite app is there to keep you informed.

Find your alternative

Is your line disrupted? No more hassle: try out a new transportation mean. No need to worry about finding a parking spot at your workplace or your bike getting stolen.

With Floya, you can easily unlock a shared vehicle, an e-bike or a free-floating kick scooter. What’s more, you can pay directly in the app. Easy and stress-free!

Do you prefer to be driven? That works too. You can book a taxi and pay the fare in Floya. Or you rather feel like walking? Put on some comfortable shoes and get your steps in with Floya: it also offers a routing when you’re on foot.

Poppy, Cambio, Taxis Verts, Villo!, Bolt, Dott and Voi

Rely on real-time

You don’t know which lines are running? Floya knows it all: no need to have the apps of the 4 public transport operators.

Of course, the information displayed depends on what data is available from each operator.

SNCB-NMBS trains

If the strike action was expected, you should be able to check out the adapted timetables 48 hours in advance. The route search also takes into account the lines that will be running during the strike.

As usual, you can also check out the real-time for the upcoming vehicles or use the combined options.

Combined route search with SNCB-NMBS

STIB-MIVB buses, trams and metros

STIB-MIVB defines which lines will be running the day itself, at around 6:00 am. This means that the route search cannot take the suppressed lines and vehicles into account.

Use the clickable in-app message to check the updated traffic situation on the network.

As to the waiting time, rely only on real-time: the blue dot on the line diagram or the dynamic real-time icon show you when you can expect it.

No blue dot or signal icon next to the announced waiting time? It means the line isn’t running!

Realtime in the app

De Lijn buses

The timetables and route search are up to date 24 hours before the announced strike: you can easily plan your journey the day before.

Already on your way? You can of course check the dynamic real-time icon to see the upcoming vehicles.

Route search with De Lijn

TEC buses

In the event of an announced strike, the cancelled services will be greyed out in the route search.

You can also check out the real-time info indicated by the dynamic signal icon at any time to see which lines and vehicles are operated.

You don’t see any signal icon next to the announced waiting time? It means the vehicle isn’t running!

Realtime TEC

Stay informed

Activate the notifications in the app or sign up for our newsletter. That way you’re sure to be informed in case there’s a strike or a major disruption.

You can also follow @floyabrussels on Facebook or Instagram to keep you updated.

Notification in case of major disruption

Floya is the multimobility app of STIB-MIVB and your all-in-one solution for planning, travelling and paying effortlessly. Download it now.