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Want to try an electric scooter? Floya to the rescue!

First trip? Some are comfortable right away, others need a little time to adapt. If you ever skated or scootered as a child, you’ll probably find your feet quite quickly. Otherwise, these tips will help you get started with your shared scooter.

1. Find a safe place to set off

We all agree: it’s better not to make your first attempt on the cobblestones of the Place des Palais. But, as tempting as it is, it’s not safe (or permitted) to ride on the pavements. Use a cycle path or quiet car park to get started: they provide a flat surface where you can build your confidence.

2. Unlock the scooter of your choice

This step is easy. Scan your scooter’s QR code using Floya, or unlock it directly from the map: you can choose between several brands of shared scooters. The battery level is displayed in the app to avoid any nasty surprises.

3. Check that everything is working

Lights, brakes, tires… a quick look and test of the controls is recommended. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the operator’s customer service in Floya.

4. Get kitted out

Before tackling the Brussels traffic, it’s best to put on a helmet and a fluorescent vest. We won’t give you the full lecture here, but feel free to check out our other safety tips.

5. Start moving

Let’s get down to business. Put your hands on the handlebars and lift the stand with your foot. Then lean on the scooter and push off with your strong foot. Once the scooter is moving, place both feet on the platform and accelerate gradually using the handlebar controls.

6. Try turning

Use flexibility to turn. Gently point the handlebars to the left or right, looking where you want to go.

7. Use the brakes

Take it easy. Release the throttle and lightly apply the rear brake (located on the right). Try a few times to test the braking force. You can also use the front brake on the left side on models equipped with this brake. However, avoid using the front brake only.

8. End your journey

Had your adrenaline fix (or reached your destination)? Gently apply the brakes until you come to a complete stop, store the scooter where it won’t get in the way (on the side of the road, rather than in front of any buildings), and replace the stand. Then finish your journey in the Floya app.

So, shall we have another go again soon?

Don’t have Floya yet? Boost your mobility in BX mode and download the app