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12 tips on how to cut your fuel consumption

Whether with your own car or a shared vehicle

Feeling the pinch at the pump? Or keen to reduce your carbon footprint? Here’s how to master eco-driving in BX mode and potentially save up to 30% on fuel. Not only will eco-driving save you money, but it’ll also lessen your environmental impact and boost road safety. Whether you’re behind the wheel of your own car or a shared vehicle, a simple switch in driving style could make all the difference!

1. Master the art of anticipation

Traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes… Anticipate them to avoid abrupt stops and starts. This tip should be easy to apply as BX is now a 30 km/h zone.

Sudden brake lifting the back of the car

2. Strategise your trips

Avoid constantly crisscrossing the city by grouping your errands by location and by day. And of course: carpool whenever you can.

Let's just regroup here from Gilmore Girls

3. Avoid traffic jams at all costs

Traffic jams are your car’s worst enemy. Scout out alternative routes to bypass bottlenecks like rue de la Loi during peak times. Or leave your car at the Park & Ride and combine by public transport, shared bike or kick scooter.

Homer Simpson in traffic jam shouting "Doh"

4. Optimise gear shifts

Hit the accelerator then shift up swiftly until you reach the desired speed. Aim to be in a higher gear before reaching 2,500 rpm in petrol cars and 2,000 rpm in diesel ones.

Punk driving from Rainbow Six Siege

5. Ease off gradually

Rather than braking hard, ease off the accelerator, shift down and let the engine slow you down. This technique allows a smoother braking and reduces fuel waste from restarting the car.

Office Sloth from Zootopia

6. Maintain a steady speed

Once you’ve hit your ideal speed, keep it steady. Constant changes in speed use more petrol. That’s why you should also try to avoid stop lights and speed bumps where possible.

Boat at steady speed

7. Limit air conditioning use

At speeds under 30 km/h, just roll down the windows. Even at higher speeds, it’s mostly more fuel-efficient than blasting the air con. Reserve the air con for hot days, setting it up to 8°C below the outdoor temperature.

Dog with head through car window

8. Avoid idling

Stuck in traffic or waiting in a Kiss & Ride zone? Turn off your engine. Cars with a start-stop system even handle this automatically

"Turn it off" gif

9. Keep your car well-maintained

Regular maintenance isn’t just good for your car — it saves fuel. But you can also use a shared car via Floya so you don’t even have to think about it! Also check and adjust your tyre pressure several times a year, and set a higher pressure when you go on a road trip.

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10. Strip down for efficiency

Still have your roof rack on from your last move, or using winter tyres in Spring? Store them away to cut down on fuel consumption. Extra weight also means more fuel burn.

"Take it all off" gif

11. Regulate your speed

Fuel efficiency drops significantly over 80 km/h. On the motorway, try driving 10 km/h below the speed limit. You’ll see a clear difference in fuel consumption, for a travel time that’s almost the same.

Slow motion Road Runner

12. Park smart

Try not to manoeuvre with a cold engine – it uses a lot of fuel. Anticipate the direction of your next ride, and park in a way that you can drive away easily next time. Especially in tricky areas or steep streets like rue du Mystère.

Spot parking gif

Lastly, no need to remind you to check out Floya for alternative options. Especially for solo trips, if the journey is less than 5 km or if you need to move about within a jammed Brussels. There’s bound to be a more cost-effective and eco-friendly choice than driving.

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