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Dropzones for bikes and kick scooters
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New rules from 1 February  

Brussels tightens regulations on micro-mobility

Do you use self-service bikes and kick scooters in BX? From 1 February 2024, a number of changes will apply due to a new legislation: compulsory drop zones, fewer vehicles on the roads, fewer operators in the city… Find out everything that’s changing on the streets of Brussels… and in Floya!  

Mandatory drop zones  

From 1 February 2024, you can only pick up or drop off a kick scooter within the designated zones. But there’s good news to it: the number of dropzones will also increase! This should prevent troubles due to a full drop zone when trying to finish a ride.  

To make these parking zones even easier to identify, 11 local authorities will be introducing or extending their road markings. In the others, the drop zones will initially only be visible in Floya, and the road markings will be added as and when required.  

Drop zone with Dott and Bolt bikes and kick scooters

From 8 to 3 operators  

From 1 February, the number of free-floating bike and kick scooter operators will be reduced from 8 to 3, with Dott, Bolt, Voi. Operator Lime also remains provisionally authorised in Brussels due to an appeal.

Nothing changes for station-based bikes like Villo!  

This means that TIER bikes and kick scooters are currently leaving Brussels… and Floya. Fortunately, Bolt and Voi were already scheduled to be integrated: these two additions are on the way! So you’ll have new options in your favourite app this spring. 

8,000 kick scooters and 7,500 self-service bikes  

Admittedly, there were sometimes a little too many vehicles at some places. That’s why the Region decided to reduce the number of free-floating shared vehicles. Don’t worry, the offer remains attractive, but it needed to be more respectful of other road users. As from 1 February:  

  • The number of kick scooters will be reduced to 8,000 – i.e. 4,000 for Dott and 4,000 for Bolt 
  • The maximum number of free-floating bikes will not exceed 7,500 – to be distributed between Dott, Bolt and Voi  

The maximum authorised speed remains limited to 20 km/h. 

These changes will gradually be integrated in Floya. So you’ll still have access to as many mobility options as possible in BX, whether you want to find a bike, a kick scooter… or use one of the many other possibilities!